MyQ alternative Sboard-III mini Wifi Single door Access Control Board Wiegand

Hello community,

I’ve been facing a challenging issue for several weeks now, and I’m hoping someone can provide some guidance to help me resolve it. I’m feeling a bit lost at this point. Here’s the situation:

I have a MyQ Garage door opener, which is now not supported in home assistant. To address this, I decided to purchase a WiFi controller board that was supposed to be compatible with TUYA, as I heard it could be integrated with Home Assistant.

I was able to successfully connect the WiFi controller board to the Tuya app without any issues, and it can open and close the garage door using the app. However, when I integrate it into Home Assistant, it only shows up as a single binary sensor entity that provides the door’s status (open or closed). Unfortunately, I’m unable to control the door – I can’t open or close it.

I’ve attempted to use the Tuya development platform to work out what API messages to send in order to control the door, but I’m struggling to figure out the correct commands. I did manage to retrieve the instruction set, but it doesn’t seem to be correct or complete.

If anyone has experience with integrating a Tuya-compatible WiFi controller board with Home Assistant or knows how to send the right API commands to control the garage door, I would greatly appreciate your guidance. I’m willing to provide any additional information or details needed to help diagnose and resolve this issue.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Hello @chriswleon ,
did you get anywhere with this, as I have the same controller SBoard III Wifi?
I can also use it only as binarysensor, although I use the new Tuya integration directly via the smart life app. (I think I tried the other integration beforehand but it was months ago.)