MyQ Connection Issues

Started getting this today. Anyone else getting it?

There was an error while logging in: Error requesting data from api/v4/User/Validate: Cannot connect to host ssl:None [Try again]

Restarting my Google Wifi network fixed the issue. Seems to have been a DNS problem.

I was getting a bunch of connection issues with the MyQ service.

I eventually ended up making a completely local solution using a spare remote and a sonoff for the operator then using a NodeMCU with an ultrasonic sensor for the door position. It’s working great so far and I’m not reliant on a (unreliable) cloud based service.

Oh that’s interesting Ill have to look into that.

there are some physical board modifications required to a sonoff basic to make it work but i think there is a sonoff that already operates just a set of dry relay contacts that would work the same way without modification.

It looks like I have everything working okay now. I changed the DNS settings from Auto to ISP in my Google Wifi settings and it looks like that fixed my issues.