MyQ Cover - tons of errors after upgrading to 0.80.0

I’m on hassio and just upgraded from 79.3 to 80.0. MyQ Cover is still working as in I can open and close both doors and it shows whether its open or closed. I’m just getting a flood of the following in the log:

MyQ - API Error[get_devices] 500 Server Error: Internal Server Error for url:

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

I have been seeing this for weeks. All the king’s horses for a fix

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Seemed to start with the 0.80 update here as well. Every minute for every door.

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Same here! Any ideas of fix I saw someone saw to set scan interval to 300. Trying now

its a know problem:
Time will fix

Doesn’t help. I had to disable any automations that rely on the garage door. MyQ is a huge steaming pile of crap (at no fault to anyone working on integrations with it)

But mine was working soooo flawless for the last year or so. I guess I will just hook my relay back up to the opener for now.