MyQ down yet again?

As of two hours ago my two MyQ devices are no longer connected. Anyone else?

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Looks like MyQ servers are down and it’s not an HA issue.

Go figure they would do a full triple F.

F it up on Friday at Five

Looks to spend $14 on a Shelly 1 and scout $15 for a garage tilt sensor and you can completely cut the cord to MyQ and have it work that like any other garage door in HA

Previous link, and yes, this is to make this work in a “smart panel” control board

MyQ Alternatives

I can access MYQ through homekit but not home assistant? If the servers were down wouldn’t quit working on homekit also?

Same issue here. After rebooting opener, rebooting integration, rebooting PI, I deleted the integration like a dummy, now I can’t add it back. Guess next time I should be more patient.

It’s okay I just deleted mine, and can’t re-add it now!

Was able to add again here