Myq garage door status updates in HA?

I have a myq smart garage door hub which i have integrated successfully with home assistant. I would like to be able to create an automation that sends a tts when my garage door is still open after a certain time. i know how to fire the tts and make it conditional after a certain time but can’t figure out how to get the state information from the myq for the trigger. can someone give me a suggestion for setting up the trigger?

i also have an ecolink tilt sensor that i had on my garage door from when I was using smartthings and i can add it into my zwave JS network in HA but it doesn’t change states from closed to open when the sensor is tilted like it should.


thank you!

Go to Configuration / Integrations and click on the MyQ Integraation then Entities to see what entities you can monitor in a trigger.

It will probably be a binary sensor. So:

  - platform: state
    entity_id: binary_sensor.your_myq_door_sensor_here
    from: 'off'
    to: 'on'
    for: <a certain time>

the entity id is cover.garage_door



and i don’t see anything under the “Status” column.

It’s the cover. So

  - platform: state
    entity_id: cover.garage_door
    from: 'closed'
    to: 'open'
    for: <a certain time>

so here’s what my automation looks like. i have the action set to send me a message on my google home speaker and when i hit “run actions” to test it the action works fine and plays. however, the trigger as configured doesn’t fire the automation. i was also curious as to whether i wanted the “From” category to be closed as I really just want the automation to fire when it’s been open, and not necessarily opened from closed, if that makes sense. anyway, i tried it both ways, with the “from” field empty and with it being filled with “closed” i then set the condition time to be a minute in the future of making this automation so i could see if was triggered when the time change occured. so far no luck.

Using from: 'closed' to 'open' will prevent false triggering like after a home assistant restart where the state could go from unavailable to on.

I dont use the Automation editor. If you go to the YAML view are the states closed and open contained in quotes?

If not, try it with them in quotes. If they are in quotes already try the Automation trace:

Open your door (dont use the manual automation trigger).

Then go to Configuration / Automations and find your automation. Click on the clock icon to the left to see a diagnostic trace of what happened last time the automation triggered.

Also, one last thing, did you reload automations after creating / editing the automation?

Another last thing, did you do a configuration check before reloading Automations?

so i got it to work by putting quotes around the “closed” and “open” states in the yaml. problem is, it still won’t fire if the garage door is already open and that time frame in conditions is met. any ideas how to achieve this?

gonna bump this if anyone has any thoughts about getting this automation to work if the garage door is already open and the time window is entered. still trying to figure this one out.

How would that happen?

Home assistant starts timing as soon as the door is opened.

for what its worth:

- id: "1611717987956"
  alias: Close Garage for Me
  description: ""
    - platform: state
      entity_id: cover.garage
      to: open
      for: 00:10:00
    - condition: state
      entity_id: input_boolean.fiftysstatus
      state: "off"
      for: 00:03:00
    - condition: state
      entity_id: binary_sensor.wyzesense_77a5a98e
      state: "on"
    - device_id: 568578fb1fb447829164cb699af592a3
      domain: cover
      entity_id: cover.garage
      type: close
    - service: notify.habot
        message: Garage Automatically Closed

This does what you probably will eventutally want.

Closes the door, if im not home after 10 minutes. It double checks to make sure its actually open via the wyze sensor,
then sends a message to my phone. The input boolean is set to on when im home, off when not. I use that for other automatons as well.

Its also a myq.

thanks @fiftys ! Correct me if i’m wrong but this still depends on whether I’ve opened it during that time as well, correct? i tried putting this in but it didn’t fire anything for me.

no, the time does not matter and only comes into play as the door is opened. the script will never fire untill the door has been open for 10 minutes. if you shut it, its canceled. if you open it again, it starts counting down from 10mins again.

okay. any idea how to accomplish what i’m wanting to do? just want to have a notification when my garage door is already open after a certain time of day…

Oh I get it now, you dont care how long its been open, you want to know if its open after a certain time?

In that case the trigger is Time.

- id: 'anyidgoeshere'
  alias: Garage is open after X time of day
  - platform: time
    at: '18:00:00'
  - condition: state
    entity_id: cover.garage
    state: open
  - service: notify.mobile_app-YOURPHONE/ETC
      message: Its 6pm and the garage is open
  mode: single

that’s exactly what i needed. thanks! any idea how to make it repeate this every half hour or so? i supposed i could duplicate it and just change the time for each duplicated automation for 30 minutes later… maybe there’s an easier way?

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If you wish the automation to run every 30 minutes

set the trigger to time pattern
set the minutes to /30

This can be done through the UI or yaml

 platform: time_pattern
 minutes: /30
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thanks everyone. appreciate it!