MYQ Gateway & Nest stopped working

MYQ & Nest was working earlier but now not working

MyQ is blocking the current user agent of pymyq. An update was just released but you’ll have to install it manually or wait until the next version of HA.

could you link to the fix please.

The fix is found there. You will need to install a custom component through HACS. It was a seamless operation for me and MyQ is working now.


Anyone have any info on Nest Integrations failing? …as OP stated, was working fine until today. Would occasionally have to reconnect it, but this time it is not reconnecting.

EDIT: Disregard, was logged in from a PC that didn’t have an edited HOSTS file with my custom domain :slight_smile:

I’ve applied that fix and it’s working for me too.

MyQ’s commitment to being difficult is really strong. Can’t recommend enough moving to an alternative, like OpenGarage.

Agreed. The only reason I’m keeping it is the integration with Amazon Key.
I already have an alternative (Meross) setup as my primary interaction.