MyQ HomeKit Hub - Block Internet Access

I’ve added the hub to Home Assistant via the HomeKit integration (which allows for local control and doesn’t use the cloud) and yesterday I decided to place the hub on my “NoT” VLAN (blocking all internet access).

Since then, I’ve noticed that Home Assistant keeps marking it as “unavailable” every few minutes (between 1 and 6) which is making it very difficult to reliably open and close my garage door.

Has anyone managed to get this working? Is reliable internet required for the local control to work consistently?

I would prefer to disconnect the Hub from the MyQ service if I can because I don’t trust that a software update won’t kill some feature I’m using (like local control or whatever).

Which MyQ hub/bridge/gateway? I recall they have made a couple of those so far, with different limitations here and there.

Also how do you integrate MyQ exactly?

I’m using the HomeKit hub:

I integrated it with Home Assistant using the HomeKit controller integration:

I am not using the MyQ integration.

I do the same thing and I just blocked it a couple of days ago and noticed it goes unavailable a ton, every 15 minutes or so. I haven’t done a packet capture yet but I’m hoping it just reaches out to an ntp server or something and goes unavailable when it doesn’t get a response. I’ll dig in and see what I can find, but I thought the whole point around HomeKit was that it worked without internet.

Do share whatever you would find.

I guess MyQ’s hub does something else, necessarily or not, outside of the HomeKit.

That would be amazing. I want it blocked if I can.

Sorry for the long delay, kinda forgot about it. Ended up allowing it on my network and it’s been working fine for a while. Just got around to blocking it again and it’s back to going unavailable.

I see the following destination addresses/ports in my firewall.

They all seem to be micro soft owned addresses and I couldn’t find any reverse dns lookup info on them, so they’re probably just azure blob storage or something. I haven’t run a packet capture or anything yet but it’s odd. I have 2 garage doors, and only 1 goes offline at a time. The bridge doesn’t seem to go offline, just the single door.

Yeah, I finally gave up.

It clearly checks whether it can connect and if not it’ll go offline. I’ve added it to a VLAN that doesn’t have access to my main network but it would be nice to stop MyQ from knowing whenever I come and go.

I’m less concerned about them knowing when I come and go and more worried about it not working if they take the server offline or something. I have it registered directly to HomeKit and not registered to a myq account right now so nothing shows up in the myq app, it’s only in home assistant but it’s still checking in.