MyQ login failing

There was an error while updating: Login error. Please login again. (-3333)

8:09 AM components/cover/ (ERROR)

I keep losing control of my garage door with the MyQ cover. Restart of HASS seems to fix it for a while.

I have the exact same error. Showed up recently only, as in yesterday.

I also noticed that today launching the MyQ app they advertise a new feature to share accounts with family members.

My thought is that they broke the API, and this may need to go all the way down to a new pymyq library change.

Opened an issue to track this:

Glad to see it wasn’t something I messed up for a change.

Thanks for opening the issue.

How long until the issue comes back? How long have you been running the myq component?

I have been running myq since last dec on 0.84.6 and this is the first time I saw the error. Restarting has fixed the issue for me, so i was curious how long until it may come back.


sometimes a few hours, sometimes a few days

I got rid of the MyQ component many months ago for this same reason.

I now use a Tamotized Sonoff for the operator and a nodmcu with an ultrasonic sensor for the position. It hasn’t failed yet.

And if it does I can still use the MyQ app on my phone.

I would like to second that myq is also giving me the same issue. The chamberlain app controls the garage door fine, however I can not control it via the home assistant cover, which also kills control by google. A reboot has temporarily restored control.

Yes. The API is not reliable.

I had nothing but problems with their API. I ended up going this route and building my own instead. Kind of a fun project.

Same issue here:

There was an error while updating: Login error. Please login again. (-3333)

same problem today …will try a hass restart