MyQ Not Working... Again

Anyone else having this problem? I know there has been issues in the past and it is usually resolved in the next update or 2. Mine stopped working over a week ago and I updated twice since then and still doesn’t work. I haven’t really seen anyone else complaining about it so I’m wondering if it’s just me or not. I don’t see any errors in my logs about it and hadn’t changed anything from the time it was working till it wasn’t.

Running a installation @ HA 103.4. MyQ working as usual. Reboot your hub yet?

Like GaryK, I’m not seeing any issues here either.

Well that sucks. I guess I have some more work to do.

Mine works directly from HA, but since 103.0 it’s been hit or miss via HomeKit to HA for the MYQ only. Everything else I hook to via HomeKit works fine.

I got it working. I disabled the whole the whole cover entity section and rebooted. I enabled it again and rebooted again. This time I got an error that my login credentials were incorrect. I checked and sure enough they were. The odd part is that I haven’t changed or touched any of that stuff since I first installed my garage door openers. Either somehow it got changed in my config or MyQ wasn’t authenticating properly and allowing it to work from HA w/o the proper password. Either way it’s working now.