MYQ not working again

Unavailable as of 11:52am (CT) here. Its probably a change to the API again…

In other news, a fix is coming soon:

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Logon to and looks like MyQ offers free 2 years subscription with Google, Clare Control, IFTTT but not HA.

I’m not sure what ‘’ that is not the web page I was using before.
The account I use is at and I have Login just minutes ago all working.
My MyQ was working for me up until just two day’s ago.
I have updated to HA 0.109.5 and that did not help.
Any news on this?

If i read this github issue correctly, a fix is being targeted for 0.109.6.

When mine failed this week, I took the action to change it over to HomeKit Controller integration. It works flawlessly now, but getting it done took a bit of trial and error.

If you used an Apple device at any time with your garage door opener, you need to wipe its association with HomeKit so that HA can see it and take over. If you’re on an Android device, I can’t imagine that you’d have any trouble, but I don’t know that for sure either. If that’s you, try skipping ahead to #7 below.

  1. Delete the integration and any stale objects in HA to avoid later confusion.
  2. Delete the device from to also avoid any potential confusion.
  3. Reset the MYQ Bridge device – this took a little hunting, but on my 819LMB device, keep it powered on and hold down the GEAR button until the blue light starts blinking. Then release it and hold it down again until all of the lights flash. Real fun looking up at it as it’s mounted on the Garage ceiling, but there you have it.
  4. While you’re at the device, take note of the serial number (XXXX-XXX-XXX) and the HomeKit registration code (###-##-###). You’ll need these later.
  5. Use your smart phone to get it on your home wireless network but DO NOT use the iPhone app to program it as this will register it with HomeKit again.
  6. Once it’s on the wireless network, use the web application to add the device back into your account. You’ll need the device’s serial number and will need to train the bridge to your opener.

THIS IS IMPORTANT: Make sure the garage door is working correctly through the website before proceeding and DO NOT open up the iPhone MyQ app under any circumstances until you’re done. You need the bridge to be free any association with HomeKit in order for Home Assistant to be able to see it in the next step. If you’re on an Android device, this obviously doesn’t apply to you. :slight_smile:

  1. Now you can add the HomeKit Controller registration in HA. You should see the MyQ Bridge listed as a device. Use the PIN and see the HomeKit Controller integration documentation if you need any help.
  2. You’ll get two devices when you’re done – the bridge and the cover itself. Rename the cover to the same name (e.g. cover.garage_door_opener) you used before and your automations and dashboards should be working.

Congrats and go break open a cold one for all of that ladder work you just did! And I certainly hope the HomeKit integration will be more stable than the MyQ one was. Oh yeah, and you can use the iPhone MyQ app now if you really want to.


The fix is here. MyQ works again.


I previously had MyQ directly connected to HomeKit. I found that it would often be stuck in a Not Responding state. Of course, that happened with several of my HomeKit devices, which is why I ended up making the switch to HA in the first place. But other than the current snafu, MyQ has been pretty perfect with HA. Just my two cents!

Working again for me in 0.109.6.

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Yes I can also report 0.109.6 has fixed this for me as well.

It’s working again for me

I have to say I am really impressed with how fast the HA team fixed this. I am even more impressed that on the myq integration page they had an alert pointing to this issue. Alerts | Home Assistant Alerts

As luck would have it, I just had my garage door installed a few days ago and it didn’t just work. Thankfully this was fixed quickly. It detected the camera on my garage door opener, but it shows up as cover.garage_door_camera. I’m not really sure what to do with this though. I wish that my Chamberlain reported the temperature setting back such that I could have that as another sensor on HA. Ah well.

i had the MYQ integration installed and working before May 5 when it broke for all. How exactly do I need to fix this now? delete and reinstall?

How did you make this work? any insights?

I have an automation set up that states - when my door is opening - turn lights on and closed turn them off.

It works fine with IFTTT but never works with Hassio.

So when adding the automation in HASSIO

and executing it by pressing execute my lights and everything work. However, when the actual door opens or closes - nothing happens.

Am I missing something?

I had to change my automation from triggering on closed->opening to just triggering on the transition to open.

The MyQ integration used to always go through the transition of closed->opening->open. Now it will [normally] go directly from closed->open. It will still occasionally go through all three states but not always.

Unfortunate, because l did like that my light would come on as the door was rising vs. waiting for it to be fully opened. Hopefully we can get that back at some point.

Hope that helps

Nope does not work.

Not sure if this is it, but I am triggering of the device state v. the device.

Screen Shot 2020-05-28 at 5.41.45 PM

Nope! argh — possible to share a screenshot of your whole automation flow?