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Does anyone know the url or IP Address of the MyQ servers? Now that I have complete local control of my Liftmaster garage door opener using the Meross MSG100, I want to block traffic going to/from the MyQ servers in my firewall. I don’t want to reset the garage door opener so I can still control it with the MyQ App in case the Meross dies or loses control of the system.

Wait, what? You want to block your garage door opener from contacting the servers, but you still want to be able to use the app? Lol

Look at the last sentence “…in case the Meross dies or loses control of the system”. I also have a second house that has a Chamberlain GDO. Yes, I am still using MyQ App.

Doesn’t it need the server to work with the app!!

If you know the IP-address of the device you could do a Wireshark trace…
You could use ip.addr == {{ IP address of the device }} as a display filter, ip.src == {{ {{ IP address of the device }} or ip.dst == {{ {{ IP address of the device }} the first will show you all traffic going from an to that IP address the second will show you only traffic comming from that device, the second will show you all traffic going to that device.

Personally I think they have more than one server and more than one IP-address that the device will connect to. Again personally I think they use an URL to connect to their server(s), that URL could be lead through something like Cloudflare and eventually end up on some cloud-based platform. My best guess would be to try ip.addr == {{ IP address of the device }} || udp.srcport == 53 this will show you all DNS-requests from that device and then do your magic with that URL or resolved IP-address.

Chris Greer ( has some usefull tips working with Wireshark.

Thanks Christiaan! I’ll give this a try. I have wireshark but I know a little of it.

Duhhh it does. I just want a temporary stopgap of it going out to whatever server it connects to. I don’t want to completely remove MyQ app from my ios devices because I have a second house which has a Chamberlain GDO.

If you have decent firewall control on your network and you know the IP or MAC of your garage door opener, don’t bother trying to block specific outbound connections, just block all of it outside your network. You could make a few exceptions such as DNS and NTP - but it really shouldn’t be doing much else other than that. Block anything outbound from it and log initially. Check the logs after a day and see what you’ve got. When you’re all satisfied, turn off logging and enjoy.

If you stick to blocking specific IPs, they could change, or it could be cloud based so you’d need to know all their servers, etc. Just blocking all its outbound is far easier. No wireshark req’d.


Why not just block the opener from WAN?

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