MyRADAR Forcast API (A Drop-In Replacement for Dark Sky)


MyRADAR has entered the API world with the Forcast API… supposedly a drop-in replacement for Dark Sky:

In theory, one only needs to use the original Dark Sky integration and rebrand it for the MyRADAR one with the URL changed as well.

Would be nice to have an alternative for NOAA that is actually accurate for my area.

Awesome! Thank you for sharing. This is my go-to weather radar on my phone.

Super new, can you explain this pls. how do i rebrand the dark sky integration?

Another way to easily implement this is to close this repo GitHub - alexander0042/pirate-weather-ha: Replacement for the default Dark Sky Home Assistant integration using Pirate Weather and modify it with the myradar endpoints. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get it to work.

Feel free to give this a shot for myRadar support: