Mysa Baseboard Thermostat with Tasmota and Home Assistant

Hey everyone. So I’m reaching out to get some help bringing full support for Mysa thermostats. I’ve been writing new drivers for Tasmota and have shared my instructions on Blakadder’s templates repository.

I was able to figure out most of the quirks of the device and am running it right now as a working thermostat. The buttons work. The relay works. The temperature sensor works. The ADC works too. There are a few things left to get through the finish line and this is where I’m in need of the community.

  • The LED matrix controller needs a driver (I can share my research)
  • Some Tasmota PRs need final review and comments (PRs #13650 #13636)
  • The Thermostat driver of Tasmota needs testers and hardening
  • The climate component is no auto-discovered in Home Assistant
  • The ADC reports raw values.

With a little push of the community, we could have a great device to use locally.


Sorry I can’t help, but I have a MYSA that just. won’t. stay connected anymore.
I popped it off and noticed it was an ESP32 chip and got really excited!
Looking forward to this if MYSA won’t warrantee or solve the connection issues after 1 year of use.

I’ve had no such problems with Tasmota. Connection is reliable.

I hope I don’t jinx myself, but I’m using the Homekit integration and my Mysa is working flawlessly. It reports temperature and humidity and responds instantly to Home Assistant commands. It was actually the easiest and fastest integration to HA. Much easier than the Sonoff/Ewelink integration. I’m a total noob to Home Assistant and just followed directions.

Does it show/track energy usage?

Do you have Mysa v2? Do you recall how you integrated?

Honestly, I’m just stumbling my way through this Home Assistant install and I haven’t even explored the possibility. I’m just happy it works and wouldn’t want to do anything that might screw things up no matter how remote the possibility. But now I’m curious, should I be able to do that?

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I bought it just before V2 came out. I loosely followed some of the suggestions in this thread, Support for Mysa thermostat - #12 by RyanRayNeff, installed the Homekit integration. and once I figure out the pairing code, it just started working. I probably couldn’t do it again if I had to.

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I would think so but not sure. Appreciate the reply

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