Mysensors.gateway_tcp : No response from ('', 3003). Disconnecting

Hello HA community,

Is there anyway to increase the watchdog timer of the mySensors TCP integration?

My mySensors Gateway (ethernet) is rock solid for many years… but I do have many sensors and the network is reasonably busy, with eventual collisions + retries.

I understood that Home Assistant keeps pulling the gateway on every 10 seconds or so, and if the gateway is lazy to respond, the connection is closed and re-opened , with the message above. I’m getting this on every 1min or so:

I think by increasing the pooling interval (or better, the tolerance of response?) will keep my logs less poluted with this dummy warning message. Also, I think it may reduce the eventual HA lags in mySensors immediate commands such as lights on/off.


Answering to myself — It looks that changing the baud rate of ESP8266 to 921600 in the Arduino sketch (#define MY_BAUD_RATE 921600 ) did the trick. Go figure out what baud rate has to do with intermittent connection…

Hope it helps someone else with same issue.