MySensors --> MQTT --X HA

I am trying to get my data from my PVPowered Inverter to Home Assistant.

  • The source of the date is a PVPowered Inverter
  • The PVM1010 MODULE in the inverter can send the data as UDP datagrams.
  • A TP-link micro router connects the module to a network
  • The network router provides module with an IP address via DHCP
  • An Arduino Uno with an W5100 ethernet shield and nRF24 Radio with MySensors and custom software acts as a go-between to an MQTT broker on the network.
  • Once the data is on the MQTT broker, Home Assistant picks up the data
    I have successfully gotten the data to the MQTT broker

Alas, Home Assistant does not see the data. How can I get HA to see the data?

You have to set up the sensors in HA for mqtt to read them.

Either manually with mqtt sensors in yaml or with discovery messages.

You can just manually publish the discovery messages.

This is how I do it via my addon from a bashio script for discovery messages.

I have the MySensors (MQTT) integration. What has happened before, when I started another MySensors device this way, HA just picked it up and I started using it.

This is why I think I’m missing something simple.

Thanks for you input!


I haven’t used the mysensors integration. Do you perhaps need to adjust your topics…

The “something simple” that I was missing was that, after the presentation, I needed to send to HA using the CHILD_ID of the “entity” This works now

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