MySQL questions

I have MySQl installed and working without issues, I was wondering if there are any sites that someone has put MySQL Home assistant SQL Scripts on? Or talked about what they have done on the back end.

What has anyone done with the data? I know this isn’t specifically a Home Assistant question, just a curiosity. Stuff like, Monitoring Devices, data analytics within the sql itself.

Just out of curiosity: why would you want to do that stuff (i.e. monitoring) in the db/sql and not the HA application?

Maybe this can help.

Paulius2k: I like data, I like to see information in clean format to me. For instance, at work my former boss used to build an excel file with bills, he would work on this thing for weeks once a year. for 30 years…he retired, I decided on a change, I build the same data in SQL, once a month I spend 5 minutes running everything in SQL/ My export builds the same excel spreadsheet that he created by hand. I just want to see what I can do with HA Data.