Mystery items from Configurator

These perpetually show up in my “We’ve discovered new items on your network!” panel.


I have no idea what they are.

When I click “Configure” I only get a small white box with the spinning colored circle that never goes anywhere.

I’ve got a few devices on my network that HA doesn’t take any interest in, like my two Linux servers. I suppose they might be my two Amazon Alexa devices. I kinda doubt it’s my wifi printer.

Anyone have a method to finding out what they are? I’ve got all other switches and outlets configured.

(Does “UPnP” still stand for “Universal Plug and Play”?)

Universal plug and play / integrated gateway device I think. Your router most likely.

To ignore:

   - igd

Ah! My router. Hm. I’ve just remembered I’ve got some HA-friendly devices wired to that router, including an Arlo camera system (which we don’t really use) and an unloved Synology NAS.

Time to experiment!