N2+ performance - 2GB vs 4GB and storage space

I’ve started to look at replacing a RPi3 and the N2+ has caught my eye - especially as it will most likely be widely supported given the release of the Blue.

Given its popularity only the 2Gb version is available at the moment. Would there by any circumstances where HA would stress with only 2GB vs 4GB or is this not a bottleneck for this kind of application?

Also I am assuming 64GB would be more than enough for most installs?

I am running what could be considered a “mid-level” installation. Not a lot of devices but running across a range of protocols - zigbee, z-wave and wifi. A few lights, plugs and sensors and some rules and looking to add a few more devices.

No-one has any performance data around RAM usage so far?

HA itself uses very little RAM. As an example I run what I would think is a pretty average instance and use less than 750 MB of RAM. You can see my setup at the link below.

My dev instance which has only a handful of sensors and a few basic addons (ssh, samba, vs code) uses ~400mb.

If I actually use the VS code addon or when I ran the unifi controller as an addon it uses a lot more RAM. I think I still only gave my HA VM 2GB and didn’t have an issue.

Long story short is it depends what you plan to run how much RAM you’ll need. 2GB should be fine for most applications.

Same goes for storage. HA itself requires very little space. If you want to keep a ton of history or use addons that need a lot of storage you may need more.