Nabu Casa Alexa TTS


I have the latest updated version of home assistant running Rpi4 and also connected via Nabu Casa.

I have multiple amazon echo in my house in different rooms and I want to use them to male TTS announcements when something happens.

My problem is that my HA does not shows any media player entities for the multiple amazon echo’s I have. When I go to Nabu Casa to test the TTS, there is a dropdown box where you can choose all available media players in my house, but for some reasons it does not shows any Amazon Echo in the list.

I have also tried to disconnect alexa from Nabu Casa and then reconnected it and tried to rediscover the devices.

I can see the devices I have in my home under Alexa devices and I can also see the amazon echos under the alexa app, but they are for some reasons not being shows in HA as entities or anything else.

Can anyone help me with this as I am not sure what else to try?

Kind Regards,