Nabu casa and android app

I thought the whole idea of Nabu Casa was to let you access your home HA instance via the phone app, from anywhere. I have a trial account, my HA interface shows I’ve enabled Cloud and connected to Nabu Casa. And I’ve turned on “automatically connect”. I can access my HA desktop via the URL from Nabu Casa, it all seems to work.

If I use the phone app, at home over wifi, I connect to my HA server and verify that Settings shows the cloud connection. But if I turn off wif and try to connect over cellular data, I just get the error message “Unable to connect to Home Assistant”.

How is this supposed to work?

Are you turning off wifi only on your phone or are you turning off internet access to your house as well?

(assuming no but had to ask…)

otherwise there is also an internal url to use in the phone app that you can set.

Make sure your nabu casa URL is in the “Home Assistant URL” field and your local URL (http://IP:8123) is in the “internal connection URL” field.

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Do I have to manually enter my Nabu Casu URL as my URL in the mobile app?

I don’t see anything about the phone app on the Nabu Cass site, which seems odd.

In the configuration menu in the Android app you can enter TWO addresses. The NabuCasa address for outside AND your internal IP address for in-home use.

I logged on to Nabu Casa, connected to HA, copied the URL from the browser bar and pasted it in as HA URL in the apps’s settings. That works. This could oviously be made simpler, or at least explained in a prominent spot on the Nabu Casa web site.