Nabu Casa cloud connection

I’m running Home Assistant OS on a Raspberry Pi 4 with a connection to the cloud for when I’m away.
I’m away right now, and setting up a “Blue” to replace the Pi.
I just installed my l latest backup from the Pi onto the Blue.
The backup contained the cloud connection.
The Blue took over the Nabu Casa Cloud connection.
I turned off the cloud on the Blue in the configuration and shut down the Blue.
I went back to my house and signed the Pi back in to the cloud and made all updates.
Nabu Casa still can’t connect…

Connection failed: No response from instance

How can I get my Pi back online?


Looks like the system didn’t come back up after the core-2021.3.4 update.
I got back home and did a power reset. When it came back up (which was a bit of a surprise), it got back on line.

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