Nabu Casa Cloud no longer working as of 2024.5.3

Upgraded to 2024.5.3 earlier today. Once I came back to my computer I found an interesting notification on my HA sites homepage: Something like “Your Home assistant Cloud is now ready to use”. I did not think much of it, never saw it before and clicked it away. Now all Apps on all iOS and MacOS devices have stopped working through the NabuCasa Cloud. Luckily I can get to my site through Cloudflared. The system continues to say it is connected to Home Assistant Cloud, but even the link to the remote access location is now dead. No error, just will not bring up the HA UI. Anybody else having similar issues since 2024.5.3 - could also be independent of the upgrade. Thanks!

Nabu Casa is a paid service that you actually get support for: Support

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Well, after several hours of the Home Assistant Cloud link no longer working, it just started working again. Since I did not make any changes (on purpose), I assume this is not related to 2024.5.3, but rather the Nabu Casa service.