Nabu Casa for two users

Hi All,

I’m struggling with with Nabu Casa for two users. I have activated remote access to HA with Nabu Casa for my user, which is also an admin for HA instance. I have also 2nd user - my wife, who have a regular user privilages. My mobile app, which use my credentials may connect with HA with no issues, but I’m looking for a way to grant the remote access to our home to my wife and her mobile app. When I’m using the URL assigned by Nabu Casa in her app, only error message appear. How the 2nd user may use our HA remotely with Nabu Casa?

My understand of this is

think of Nabu Case as the gateway into you house home assistant

once you get there you are give a login screen

and the wife would login but there must be a wife User first

there in her profile

just select the her dashboard

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