Nabu Casa + Google Home + Alarm Control Panel

Hi all,

two days ago i’ve seen that my GH found my Alarm Panel exposed by (Nabu Casa).
But I don’t know how to enable or disable it.

Is it supported or not?


If you dont want it enabled
go into configuration, Home Assistant cloud
Scroll down to the panel that says Google Assistant
On the bottom right of that panel there is “manage Entities”
click on that and it will open a page with devices you can either enable or disable to be available to the google home app.

turn off the one for alarm panel

i want it… but i don’t understand if it’s implemented or no ^_^"

Subscribing. I see my alarm in Google Home, but If I click on it I see only settings.

Only controlled by voice, just say something like, hey Google arm my alarm or something like that

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are you italian? What are the command in that language? :smiley:

Yeah, but was not born in Italy, so don’t speak the la language :wink:

Hello @pergola.fabio. Have you succeed controling your alarm with your voice ?
What are the voice commands ? How do you manage night mode, away mode… ?
I know that we should also use a security pin with for this kind of device (alarm, door, lock) in GA.

no, its not supported yet in other languages besides english
and i dont use english for my google devices

I’ve just succeed to disarm my system with a code pin in french but I cannot arm it (probably because I don’t kwow how manage the security mode with the voice)

according to here its : User: Arm the security system.

Thanks for the link. But it doesn’t work in my case. I guess this is related to the different armLevel

Ok, tried also…
In Dutch, I can indeed disarm, after entering pin…

Arming gives an error, sorry , something went wrong…

Disarming works after pincode, allthough Google always responds with an unknown error… But it actually disarmed…

You have that too?

Same issue here i am able to disable alarm system by voice in french (but it gives an unknown error)
However enabling any of the two alarm levels fail in french.
When switching in english my HomeAssistant it works… can this be adressed to include other languages like French?

there is somekind of fix in 112.x

mmm i guess this potential fix wont work for me since i have two arm levels on my alarm system. :pensive: