Nabu casa price?

Is it just me or do Nabu casa take more than their pricing plan says?

If I log in to my paypal I see this:

Since I’m in Europe it should be 7.5 Euro, but they take 8.13 USD.
In USD it should be 6.5.

The conversion rate between USD and EUR is about 1 to 1 so it can’t be that reason.

Do anyone else see this?

The Swedish VAT of 25% is added to the USD price which then equals $8.125 which is rounded up to the 8.13 USD you can see.

Except in EU the price should be 7.5 Euro including VAT

European Union

The monthly subscription costs 7.50 EUR per month and the annual subscription 75 EUR, including value-added tax (VAT).

“about” is currently 0.940350 to 1 at paypal.

I paid 75€ for the year.
It should be 7,5€

Are you still paying in US dollar?
It should let you choose € now.

Where should I choose this and why do I need to even choose it.
And why was there no information about this change.

Still close enough to not make the change.

do you receive the newsletter?
here the informations

1Feb - Local currency support

4Jul - Annual subscription

Not that I can remember. And since it says “according to our records you are based in EU …” No I guess that didn’t happen since I’m still paying in USD.