Nabu Casa Remote access doesn't keep me logged in

I registered a new domain and redirected it to my Nabu Casa remote access URL. So, if I go to “” it will redirect to “”. The redirect works fine, but for some reason HA doesn’t keep me logged in, even if I check the “keep me logged in” box. Everytime I got o it redirects but gives me a login page.

I have the same result if I go to my address directly without the redirect. It won’t keep me logged in.

Is there a fix to this?

I just switched to a new laptop yesterday and the “keep me logged in” function in nabu casa is not working on the new laptop. Still seems to work on my old laptop.

I got it to work by clearing my browser cache, cookies, and sign-in data.

Thanks, I cleared my data for nuba casa. It made me sign in 3 or 4 times in a row then, asking for 2fa each time, then it seems to have stuck. Weird, especially because it was a brand new browser install in the first place.