Nabu Casa Slow (UK user)

Hi Everyone,

New HA user here and decided to set up the trial for Nabu Casa.

So far I have been impressed by my HA journey so thought why not support the developers by using Nabu Casa so set the trial up.

The remote function seems pretty un-usable for me, any time I try to access HA Away from home I get this prompt and can never seem to pass it.

I do have Wire Gaurd VPN set up on my Firewalla router so if I connect to the VPN I can load it fine but would be nice not to have to connect to the VPN every time as I don’t use my VPN all the time.

Another thing I noticed is when I integrated devices into Alexa using the Nabu Casa Home Assistant skill the response seems laggy, for instance if I ask Alexa to turn on some lights it takes longer than what I would expect, then when the lights come on if I ask Alexa to turn them off it hangs and sometimes fails to turn them off which is quite frustrating, I am using hue lights and have went back to the Alexa hue integration.

I was just wondering if there are any UK users using the Nabu Casa integration and if they are experiencing similar?

So I have managed to resolve the non connection issue when out of home, the remote URL needed to be added to the app for this to work, not sure why it was pointing to my local URL.

Just wondering about the laggy-ness of the devices via Alexa now.

I have the same issue with Nabu + Alexa (UK) It started happening a few months ago and it seems to be getting worse. Alexa will take a while and then respond that the device is not available. Most of the time the command actually works despite of it though.

Hi all,

I have the same issue. I used to use the hue integration for Alexa (without cloud) and it worked awesome.

After upgrading HA it couldn’t get this back to work so I tried the nabu casa cloud. Mainly to use the Alexa integration.
I have the same bahavior as Deek and it drives me crazy. I have very often a lag of seconds, until the lights turn on. It’s frustrating.

Any ideas from you guys?