Nabu Casa trial has expired. Yeah, so

So the other day my Nabu Casa sub expired, I was honestly unaware this was in charge of integrating hassio with google home assistant, or what it did at all. I googled it up, so a bunch of people were complaining about it and how it costs 5 bucks a month… and the replies were mostly well you know, you can host it yourself if you don’t want to pay, they are just hosting and updating the google docs (No idea what they meant by that).

So I was wondering is there a tutorial to do this myself? Is it simple enough?

Here is how you would do it yourself.


So basically I can have the Google Assistant functionality for FREE if I set it up by myself?
I already have the DDNS set up, forwarding and opening a port in my router shouldn’t be an issue as well…
Any caveats if I “host” it on my own? What are they hosting exactly?

Forwarding a port and exposing your HA instance is an additional security risk. If you’re comfortable with that and the 25 steps listed in first-time setup, then your Google Assistant functionality shouldn’t be any different than the Home Assistant cloud version.

I’ve done both methods and I prefer paying $5/month to support the developers and do a quick setup, but there’s nothing wrong with doing the manual setup.


You were right, setting it up is not as complicated as it seems. Probably the most troublesome part is the HTTPS/SSL certificates, it took me a while since LetsEncrypt wasn’t working properly, but once that is up and running the rest is fairly simple.
Can’t tell a difference other than having exposed my HA instance, I enabled the IPBan and the 2FA Authentication…

Any suggestions on anything else recommended to do? Like the UPnP disabled, FTP off, set passwords for everything (now most add-ons have it enforced and check for the password in the IHaveBeenPwned database), restricting IPs for HA management… I can’t think about anything else.

run a scan from the outside on your router (external IP) and check results. it will give you enough information on how the setup is secure. recommendation is to use a vulnerability scan (Nessus teenable here)

this tread was also mentionning several aspects to take in consideration