Nabu Casa. Unable to connect to Home Assistant with IPhone from home, but it works outside

I have just migrated my Home Assistant OS from Raspberry Pi to a Synology VM, and everything is working fine except that I cannot connect to Nabu Casa with my smartphone when I am at home and connected to my local network. However, if I disable the Wi-Fi connection or am outside, the connection works fine.

I assume your IP address changed from the RPi to the Synology.

Did you update your internal connection URL in the phone app?

I’m not using the internal connection URL. I’m using the nabu casa URL, like the following one (not exactly the same :laughing:)
When I’m outside it works well but when I’m connected with my home internet (the same Synology is connected) it doesn’t work. This happen only with my Iphome while everything works with my PC

Perhaps you don’t understand what it is you were just asked.

The companion app has both an internal URL and an external URL. It switches between these based on what network you are connected to. So whether or not you “think” you are using an internal connection URL - you are.


Yes, you are absolutely right. I hadn’t understood, and I didn’t know that the companion app had both an internal URL and an external URL. I’ve now modified the internal URL, and everything is working perfectly. Thanks to both of you.

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