Nabu Casa?

Tried to search in the community forum and also googling a lot around, but I don’t understood what I can do with the “Nabu Casa” account.

Did you try ?

Nabu Casa is the company that @balloob created to take the payments for the Home Assistant Cloud.

Currently, the Home Assistant Cloud is for Alexa and Google Assistant Integration without needing to create your own.

That’s all you can really “do” right now. It’s just a way to simplify some of the integrations that already exist that you can do yourself.

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So, it’s the “software” that permit the auto Sync with Alexa/Google?

It’s a “hosted” version of what’s already in the Documents for Google Assistant and Alexa.

Instead of creating your own integration and maintaining it yourself, Nabu Casa maintains it.

It’s 100% optional as you can still do everything yourself. It just makes life easier. All the website is for is to enter in payments and your account credentials. Everything else is done from Home Assistant and from Google Assistant/Alexa.

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I just updated my Hassio from 64.x to the latest and Im also reading up on this topic.
For me $5 a month for integrating hassio with Googles services seem like a rip-off. is supposedly open source, and there is a big community adding stuff for free all the time. Why a somewhat key feature should be a paid option, and a subscription at that. The creators talk about making a business out if it, where I hardly see a value added by them. Hassio is developed free, Google Assistant services are also free-ish (maybe correct me on that). So how is this a viable option to build a multi-person business on a bridging piece of code? And where is the work load where it should be mainly a bridge that connects to Google Assistant services?

It’s a choice you can make. You can still use the free components. No one is forcing you to use the cloud

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Everything cost money. Cloudcomputers security, community and website hosting. Why should the someone take that from their own pocket to satisfy all yhe users? Compare with fex Prestashop, where every module cost much money. We have spent a couple of thousand to get our webshop working. Sofor me there is not a problem to pay the 5 usd. Its cheap. And the HA cloud will be used for much more in the near future.
But as someone said, you can still use everything without the 5 usd.

My main problem is, that I got into because it is a open source and free solution to control my home, and to sync it with my Google Home Mini. Now this is changing, and what about the future? What will go paid next?
If it will continue to do that, there are other companies that can take my money.
If the creators are lacking in funds, there are really better ways to get support from users. Subscription now days are everywhere, and people have to choose which ones they pay for. If it exceeds their budget then you’ll get $0 instead of a donation once in a while. So setup a Patreon, add a donate button, just try to give the users the opportunity to give back and they will, because right now I don’t see such actions.
One more thing. Hassio is BETA, it’s in a constant state of development and is prone to bugs. Should people be paying a fee for an additional feature that IS very dependant on a product that is open-source and in beta?
Maybe you could call Nabu Casa a startup, but once I would start paying I expect this to work perfectly and I just don’t see that with open-source software.
Plus, the value $5 is a bit steep for ‘what it does’ as opposed to a $10 Netflix or Spotify where I get a lot more for my buck.

Nothing is changing, you can still do all you google home stuff local and for free. You should read this


It is NOT changing. You are free to setup a Google developer account and do all the job yourself. Cost 0 usd.


I don’t think you’ve read any of the information out there regarding this.

You’re wrong on practically everything you’ve said.