Nabu, HA, Automations and Alexa

I am new to Home Assistant. I currently have an ISY system, as well as other lights and supported devices. I can create an automation within Home Assistant that runs perfectly fine with the run button. I’m using the Nabu home cloud. I cannot seem to figure out how to be able to call these automations verbally through Alexa. Could someone point me in the right direction please?

What have you tried?

Have you read through the Alexa integration docs?

Automations are not exposed, but you can create scripts and expose those. You will see them as scenes in the Alexa app and trigger them with “Alexa activate [name of the script]”.

Thank you. So helpful. I need to change what I am considering the order of operations. I was thinking I was ending with an automation.

Does this mean I am needing to create an on scene and an off scene?

Depends what exactly you want to do.