Nabucasa Alexa Integration - disable under certain circumstances

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Hi everyone,

as per object I’m trying to accomplish something that doesn’t seem so easy.
Alexa is a great tool, but also a big security hole for devices that should protect the house. I love to control covers and blinds via voice commands when at home, but is also mandatory to disable this feature when, for example, the alarm is ON, just to avoid someone shouting from outside “Alexa, open the covers”.

right now I’m using the nabucasa cloud subscription, it’s working great, but unfortunately the only service exposed to automations is relative to the remote connection only.

in the cloud configuration menu there’s a toggle for the Alexa integrations, but no service exposed (see image)

Does anyone has any idea to solve this issue?

Thanks everyone in advance!

Schermata 2020-08-26 alle 22.15.05

Really no one has this same problem? XD