NAD T778 state unknown

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I bought a NAD T778 that replaces a Sony STR-DN1040. I was eager to see how much more connectivity options this would give me from Home Assistant, but the NAD is not recognized: state “unknown”. It is connected through ethernet, has a fixed ip-address, and I can even access it that way via the browser. Anyone has experience with the more recent NAD-players? In my configuration I used:

  - platform: nad
    type: TCP

Did you ever get this working? I am trying to get my T778 working as well.

I gave up on this one, but one that is working, is the BlueSound component

  - platform: bluesound
      - host:
        name: "NAD T778"

I can’t do everything I want with it, but there are some things possible.

I did get the Bluesound one working, but it seems very lackluster. I guess with the right setup it might be more useful, but for me, it’s meh at best. I am going to poke some more. I’ll let you know what i find.

Well, Bluesound is not the whole story actually. I also have a Logitech Harmony, that has good HA-integration, so I can also start/stop my connected stuff. That way I can start BluOS. What I also wanted, was starting my favorite radiostation automatically, via TuneIn. I managed to do this by calling one of the rest api’s (yes, you can access some features with the rest-api offered by the machine): see blushell/ at master · albertony/blushell · GitHub. I use NodeRed to connect the pieces.

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That’s actually a great idea. I had some BlueSound Playlists I made and wanted to have them run when I go into bar area in outside of the theater room. I do have a Harmony and use a lot in HA. The other thing I was looking to do was to have the NAD integration work as an on/off state for my room in conjunction with motion sensors. So if everyone leaves the room, it will turn it off. But we like to chill out in there with the lights low and just play music, so I can’t monitor for “Playing” status of the input devices.

ie. relaxing on the sofa, listening to Pink Floyd. = On
ie. Lights on, no music = off

Those would be conditions added to the motion sensor on/off state.

I am going to most centraily use the blushell for alot of things! Good Stuff!

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