Nag me notification

I have a few (actually a lot) of reminders that are texted to me. Like change the HVAC filters, check the salt in the water softener, etc.

These reminders are sent on different days of the month.

Now, I travel a lot and am not always home on the day a particular notification is sent. Is there a way for the reminder (nag) to send every day until I turn it off.

Here is the code that I use to send a reminder

  - alias: "HVAC Filter Reminder"
      platform: sun
      event: sunrise
      condition: template
      value_template: '{{ now().day == 1}}'
      service: notify.carlton
        title: "Check 3 HVAC Filters and Replace Monthly"
        message: "Check 3 HVAC Filters and Replace Monthly - HVAC filter sizes are listed in Bitwarden notes"

Thank you for the help

You might want to look at the Alert component.


Thanks, I never thought of that.
BTW thanks for all the work on Life360. I love how it works.

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