Name change in deConz not reflected in HA

A change in a sensor’s name within deConz is not supposed to seamlessly update in HA?

The only way I found to make the name change to take is through the aggressive method of removing the deConz integration and re-integrating it again.

I would love to better understand under what circumstances configuration changes are passed from deConz to HA.

Thank you

Try “Reload” in Deconz integration options (Three dots). Mine updates that way.

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@febalci , thanks for the idea.
I’ve noticed that “Reload” deConz causes the entity’s Friendly Name to update, but the entity ID does not.

Is there a way to have the entity ID get updated?

The deconz update thing is a bit of a mystery. I created a naming convention for the devices in deconz & tried to manually replicate that in HA if i was too slow to rename the deconz devices during initial setup. I also have a separate spreadsheet to keep track of the deconz name & the corresponding HA entitiy names.

You can disable the automatic addition of new devices in the integration config. This allows you to change names in deconz before they are added to HA.