Name / description of icon - floor plan

Hi all,

please could anyone help me with displaying text of icon ?
I tried to use show_name but it doesnt work :frowning:

Here is my code:

type: picture-elements

  • type: state-icon
    entity: binary_sensor.openclose_12
    title: GYM dveře
    top: 88%
    left: 55%
  • type: state-badge
    entity: sensor.temperature_13
    title: GYM Teplota
    show_name: false
    show_state: false
    top: 88%
    left: 63%
    font-size: 12px
    image: /local/herink2.png

And problem is that under icon with temperature is still sign. How to remove it ?
Thank you Lukas

Hello and welcome to the forum.

Please have a read of point 11 here and then edit your post to correctly format your pasted config.

The State Badge element does not support the options you want. The available elements and their options are listed here: Picture Elements Card - Home Assistant