Name value as a template only giving object.Object

I’m trying to set the name of a picture identity to the time in a date time vairable… how does one do this?

aspect_ratio: 100
entity: input_boolean.washing_machine
show_name: true
show_state: false
  'off': local/images/washingmachine_off.png
  'on': local/images/washingmachine_on.png
type: picture-entity
name: {{ states('input_datetime.washing_machine_finished') }}

If you’re trying to use a template in the Picture Entity card, you should know that, in general, standard Lovelace cards do not support templating (with the exception of the Markdown card).

Well, that’s unfortunate! Who made that decision, lol? That’s a huge opportunity missed there as it could be super useful to mark things in that way.

Various custom cards support templating (typically in Javascript but some in Jinja2) so you might want to look for a substitute for Picture Entity.

You can try searching within the Lovelace & Frontend category or, if you have HACS installed, browse through HACS for custom cards.