Naming of Sonoff RF Bridge buttons

The Sonoff integration documentation mentions the following on how to send commands with the Sonoff RF bridge from HA:

Example for send RF signal

    alias: Send RF Button1
    - service: remote.send_command
        entity_id: remote.sonoff_1000abcdef
        command: Button1  # button name in eWeLink application

However since each entity (RF bridge) has up to four devices that it can address, with each device up to 4 buttons…I cannot figure out how to pass the name of the remote - as I don’t want to include it in the name of each button. Does anyone know?

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I had the exact same question. I have a SonOff RF bridge which holds 2 devices (Klik Aan Klik Uit) with each 2 button (on and off). The RF Bridge (using HACS and Sonoff LAN) is correctly shown in HA.
It seems the device names of the devices stored in the RF Bridge are not known in HA.
So my trick was to give (in EWlink) all buttons unique names (remember to throw away the .sonoff.json file and reboot) and activating these buttons with the above mentioned code.
Works like a charm

yep that’s the workaround I’m using. But it’s unfortunate you need unique button names where on/off would make most sense. Not a big deal though. I have another issue, sometimes when changing button names the commands don’t get issued. So far restarting the RF bridge and the HA has done the trick.