Naming USB

I have various usb dongle to connect the HASSIO to different technologies.
are the names ttyUSB0,ttyUSB1 etc consistent?
Is there a way to list USBs connected to the Raspberry?


if you’re trying to see what’s connected do a ls /dev/acm* or ls /dev/ttyUSB*

I’m testing it on a RPi 1

doesn’t work in the console_ssh addon (ssh [email protected])
but only on the debug console

I have to use the debug console instead

but my question in about consistency:
if I reboot ttyUSB0 is allways the same fisical adapter or it can change?

look at:

If you’re not going to have 1 at a time or 1 only then the device should stay the same. It usually will only change when there is another plugged in after another. You could do udev rules like your link if you want and then you’d know exactly what the device name would be. It shouldn’t be a problem unless you’re not allowed to write to the OS. I’ve never named devices like that but it seems pretty straight forward.

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