Nanoleaf Aurora panels missing scene controls

Hi all!

I’m trying to get my two Nanoleaf Auroras (the triangle-shaped original ones) to play nice with HA.

I’m very new to HA, but the discovery component picked the panels up immediately and I was able to add them both very easily, using just the pairing codes they came with.

When I look at the entities created, though, the only available setting is on/off and a brightness slider. When they’re on, a colour wheel appears. I can’t find any way to select an effect – the panels have named lighting effects.

The old “nanoleaf aurora” component looks like it had the ability to do this, as in this post:

How do I go about selecting scenes? Can I use the old component? Why is the functionality no longer there in the new one?


Hello Ben,

how did you add your nanoleaf in Home Assistant? Do you use the discovery component or manually in the configuration.yaml?

In my configuration I can still select the effect of the nanoleaf. I added the nanoleaf manually in the configuration.yaml

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Thanks for the reply! You were right – I had used the discovery component (which was easier as it just needed the pairing code, and one of my Auroras is on the ceiling so pressing the physical buttons is a pain)

I tried generating tokens and adding manually in the config yaml, and I’m now getting the effect selector.