Nanoleaf integration no longer working

Hi all, I updated to 0.113.0 this morning and my nanoleaf shows:

entity not available: light.light_panels_53_39_43_local.

Have rebooted the system several times, but it doesn’t come back. Have also tried auto discovery on boot and setting manually via configuration.yaml with an auth_token as per the integration instructions.

Anyone else?

I upgraded this morning as well. I just checked our one NanoLeaf panel and it is still fully controllable via HA.

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Thanks. That seems odd. I wonder what is wrong with my setup?

Did you try deleting the integration and adding it back? Also do you have the IP address hard coded into the config yaml file? I had to do that as my NanoLeaf is on a different VLAN and IGMP proxy snooping doesn’t seem to be working properly on my Ubiquity network.

Now I don’t know what the upgrade to 113 could have done to break any of this, but just throwing out some ideas.

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Thanks, I’m not sure how I delete the integration. At the movement, I don’t have it specified in the configuration.yaml file. I gather it is supposed to be setup using the discovery component, but it doesn’t get discovered.

I’ve also obtained an auth token and configured manually. Still does not work. The iOS app works fine, so there’s not problem with the network (I can also obtain an auth token as per the integration instructions).

Just cannot figure out why it’s no longer working.

I think I’ve figured it out. There was a reference to the device in the groups.yaml. I deleted that and reloaded groups and now it’s working again.

Thanks for the help you provided.

Glad you got it working!

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