Nanoleaf NL67 A19 device type

I have a Matter Thread network with

  • 1 SkyConnect HA OTBR
  • 3 Nanoleaf NL67 (from a three-pack)
  • 1 Eve Energy Plug
  • 3 Aqara P2 Motion sensors

A Samsung Android device with Home Assistant is used for pairing, the network is composed of

  • 1 AX88U router
  • 2 AX88U AP-mode, connected via ethernet to the router

All is working happily, apart from one of the Nanoleafs showing up as
“Device type: Unknown” in the HA device info. The others are “Device type: Routing end device” as they should be. I tried resetting, readding, different order (Nanoleaf app, Home Assistant), different places in the Thread mesh (close to the SkyConnect, close to a leaf router), re-interviewing, but cannot get it to change it’s device type.

The bulb also shows up on the OTBR topology as a child (non-router) device.

Any ideas?