Nanoleaf panel switching on/off on its own

I have a Nanoleaf panel in my configuration, and can control it without problems. However, every few hours (randomly), the panel switches on (or off). In the logbook, I see the entries without any user name (e.g. Nanoleaf turned on or Nanoleaf turned off). These then alternate, ie. it keeps switching off then on for a few minutes every 30 or 60 seconds :

The debug log doesn’t show anything interesting ( only [pynanoleaf.pynanoleaf] {‘value’: False} or [pynanoleaf.pynanoleaf] {‘value’: True} ). If I remove the panel from Home Assistant, the problem dissapears.

Any ideas why this may be happening?


It looks like the problem is caused by the panels themselves, I just didn’t remove them from Home Assistant long enough to detect it. According to the Nanoleaf support boards, they sometimes falsely detect double touch. If this is disabled in the panel settings, the problem goes away.

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