NAS-PD07Z by Shenzhen Neo Electronics Co., Ltd. not reporting Temperature or Humidity

Hi everyone.
I acquired my first NAS-PD07Z. This is the new Neo Coolcam 5 in 1 sensor (700 chip).
With latest stable version of Z-Wave JS to MQTT (0.32.1) I managed to pair it and it was ID without issues.
But after a couple of hours it stops sending Temperature and Humidity readings. All the other functions seem to work fine. In a period of 24 hours it reported two or three times the values and was silent the rest of the time. Resetting and re-adding restarts reporting but then the same happens.
Device has version 2.6 of the firmware. I am using a RPi + ZW090 (Gen5) USB controller.
My network has 34 devices many of them are Neo sensors working without issues.
Any thoughts or experiencies with similar problem?
Thank you.