Native ‘alias’ function to assist when replacing monitoring sensors

After working through a run of failed smart plugs, I think there is an opportunity for HA to provide native ‘alias’ functionality for a standard list of sensors.
A default ‘vanilla list’ of alias sensors (pool pump, fridge, dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, HWS etc) to align the variables from your plug/ device of choice too. This would save so much time & frustration in initial setup, and when having to replace a device, while also keeping the historical data intact.

Convince me this is not a duplicate of:

The post you linked to & your reply references automations (being unavailable when devices are replaced, state automations name the new entity_id, device automations search out device_id etc.).
The feature request I posted is to provide a native alias list (devices), one possible solution to save time in regards to the additional note you made…search out all the occurrences of the old device_id and replace them with the new one…
I have just experienced this & its a tedious task. Would be a big time saver and as Creeju notes in that thread in respect to Energy dashboard …Replacing a plug leaves one with the choice of either keeping the old plug in tracking or just losing the consumption data… Petro workaround solution …Rename the new device entity_id to what the old entity_id’s were… works but again is tedious…

Yes that is one reason an easier method of replacing devices is needed. Energy dashboard data is another.

Interesting. There are many reports of this not keeping LTS data in the Energy dashboard.

OK, so my request was in respect to smart plugs, but essentially the functionality I’ve requested is a duplicate feature request.