“Native” Google Home control of devices no longer working

I just setup Home Assistant and HomeBridge two days ago and everything is working great. I also have a Google Home that is directly integrated with my Belkin WeMo Insight (switches) and Harmony Hub. When HA is running, my Google Home no longer works with my WeMo devices and Harmony Hub. I’ll ask Google to turn off my TV or turn on my bedroom lamp and Google Home responds like it’s working fine but nothing happens. I’ve excluded the WeMo and Harmony from discovery in the configuration.yaml file so I can still maintain functionality with Google Home. Any ideas?

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Maybe a better question - does anyone have a Google Home “natively” integrated with a WeMo switch or Harmony Hub? If so, do you also have the WeMo and Harmony Hub integrated with Home Assistsnt? Any issues with using your Google Home with the WeMo switch or Harmony Hub?