Native integration for ge cync


I would live it if there was a native integration for GE cync. Its a quickly growing American product that has a lot of different products such as lights, bulbs,light dtrips, sensors, cameras and thermostats


These I believe are natively matter devices, so you should be able to connect to them that way.

For you and anyone else that’s a GE Sync Customer, I would suggest asking the mfgr to look into the works with home assistant program to see if their API would be compatible with HA.

Introducing the Works with Home Assistant program - Home Assistant.

The more of their customers that request this, the more likely it would happen…

I would like very much for you to live.

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I dunno @Sir_Goodenough , wrt your last line… the vote count does not support your assertion… :slight_smile:

There is a custom integration that may work with some products.

I have avoided GE’s smart stuff. It’s possible that the newer “Cync” products are actually better than their previous “C by GE” line, but those were so bad that I’m not willing to gamble any more cash on their products.

The rebranded are supposedly all matter, if it matters.
The apple or Google or HA with a border router implementation might have a chance.