Native Shelly integration does not autodiscover devices

So I figured out the ShellyForHass HACS components wasn’t maintained for quite some time, which made me switch to the native one.

Everything seems fine as long as I add every single Shelly device on it’s own by it’s IP address. But I read they should be auto dicovered? How does that work, what do I have to do to make it work? It is mentioned most of the times together with MQTT.
Do I have to set up MQTT in addition o CoIoT in the Shelly config?

Battery powered devices will need to be “waked up” for the integration to see them. MQTT is not needed with the native integration.

You just need either CoIoT or MQTT, but go with the former.

Make sure your devices’ firmware is up to date.

By default, all my Shelly devices have their discoverability setting on, but check if yours’ are perhaps off.

MQTT is disabled, CoIoT is enabled and configured to use unicast. Could it be a problem that the Shellys are on a different network as HASS? Nevertheless I drilled the needed holes into the router, which is proved once I added the IP manually and everything runs smoothly.

Waking up should be pushing a connected switch or opening the web interface? Tried both.
Firmware is 20230913-112003/v1.14.0-gcb84623 and discoverability is enabled in the Shelly’s web UI

Any more ideas? How is the discovery setup tech-wise? Does HASS just listening on port 5683 for messages of new devices?