Native SmartThings support / Alternative to SmartThings MQTT Bridge

SmartThings should be pretty popular, at least more popular than many of the other supported components. So how come no one is yet working on SmartThings integrations right into Home Assistant?

I know there is “SmartThings MQTT Bridge” but that just tries to add MQTT support to smartthings. Which would work in theory, but it doesn’t work great.

Smartthings is cloud based and most people do not want all of their devices at the mercy of another company.

I used the bridge for a month or two as I migrated over slowly to HA. Getting rid of the Smartthings is really key.

The smartthings hub does have local support now. It can be used as a very good Zigbee / Z-Wave hub. And it has the best product support in the market.

Does it have MQTT and/or an open API now?

If it worked well I’d still have one in my home going right now unfortunately that wasn’t the case. It did supposedly have local control for lighting as well when I used it but it was still a huge mess of a device. The bridge was using an undocumented port to send data into ST which could be gone the next day, so unless things have changed and ST opened things up, then I doubt you’d find someone that would sink a huge amount of time into a hack that could be gone tomorrow especially since one already exists.