Natively compatible z wave and ZigBee susb sticks

What are cheap and natively compatible z wave and ZigBee usb sticks? I’m trying to get a home assistant blue and then sticks that are easily compatible with most/all devices I would like need. I have some Lowes iris ZigBee motion sensors, some ZigBee outlets, a ring gen 1 z wave range extender, a schlage ZigBee smart lock, a bunch of hue ZigBee bulbs and two hue dimmer switches, a ZigBee natural gas detector by like heiman or something. I wanted to try to directly connect all them to the home assistant.

Maybe you can take a look at this-

When you plug it to HA, make sure to use USB extension cable long enough to avoid USB 3.0 interference.

However, in case you change your mind and want to have separate coordinator for Zigbee & Z Wave, consider this Zigbee Ethernet Coordinator by Tube-

The most significant advantage is you can place it centrally inside your house as it is connected via Ethernet.

You did not say where you are from. Zigbee is universal, but Z-Wave is region dependent. The HUSBZB-1 only works in North-America, so be sure to buy a stick suited for your region.

Oh my bad I’m from the US. Ya just whatever sticks will work out of the box without compatibility issues or driver issues or whatever. I’m not trying to send everything over my internal network im trying to keep it all on the home assistant. I already have a hue bridge and hubitat but I was going to just get an odroid n2+ and use that since I know it’s compatible with home assistant as it’s designed for it. I’m just trying to get usb sticks that are compatible and that I won’t have any issues with. Also what do I need an extension cable for, for a usb stick? Why would there be interference? What causes that?

I have not personally experiment the effect of USB 3.0 interference to Zigbee Radio (which operates at 2.4 Ghz frequency). But, various answer on this forum suggest that you need to use an extension cable - otherwise you may experience difficulty in pairing new devices (or even disconnected devices).

BTW, enjoy HA Blue :slight_smile: It’s been running for almost 4 months without any issues for me.

Hot damn. Whenever I tried to use a usb extension cable it would cause issues on my raspberry pi. Then again I got cheap ass cables from Amazon. Anyone have a particular cable available online that they know works? I always assumed it was a common thing that was caused by voltage drop from a long cable.

Unfortunately, I don’t live in the US - so I can’t recommend any good/reliable USB cable extension.

However, please be sure to read about Zigbee Wifi Coexistence to minimize the interference from Wifi signal which also operates at 2.4 Ghz.

The article basically suggests that you move your Wifi channel to only channel 1 and 6 - while moving the Zigbee channel to 25 or 26.